OSCE Junior Professional Officer Programme 2024 – 2026

OSCE Junior Professional Officer Programme 2024 – 2026

The OSCE is pleased to announce the 25th round of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme!  

Since its establishment in 2006, the JPO Programme has been an important initiative for attracting and developing young professional talent within the OSCE. The programme provides a valuable opportunity to gain firsthand experience at both the Secretariat and in the field, offering insights into the OSCE’s programmatic operations and exposure to multicultural environments.

For the 25th round of the JPO programme, we are extending the service period to two years. Starting Spring 2024 in the Secretariat, followed by the second year in one of the field operations.

We look forward to welcoming the next generation of young talent to the upcoming JPO Programme.

What are the requirements? OSCE Junior Professional Officer Programme 2024 – 2026

1) Nationals of OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation, which agree to fund Junior Professional Officers for two years, and 2) a limited number of nationals of OSCE participating States who are not in the position to receive sponsoring;

How to apply

If you wish to apply, please note that your application is subject to nomination by your authorities. This applies for both candidates sponsored by the OSCE (Unified Budget) and candidates funded directly by participating States. Please see the vacancy for more information: Junior Professional Officer (S) – OSCE Careers




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